You Will Not Just Love Paris, You Will Adore It with

Love Paris

The first thing you love about Paris being different from the US was the lifestyle.  Everyone sits down at a meal for at least an hour or two and makes a social event of it- talking and laughing with friends or watching people walk by.  There’s no one sitting at the table with their cell phones out or just staring blankly- everyone here LOVES to spend time with friends and family!

The Most Romantic City

The inner lifetime of Paris is full of romance and fragrances. You’ll not notice an additional romantic place than Paris. The people from all round the world fly to Paris for their romantic memories.

Paris is that the centre of fashion. You’ll notice the world’s prime models flying to Paris to get an insight to the fashion of the world. The highest most designers of each decade used to live in Paris. This suggests that after you are visiting Paris, you’ll see several new and unique fashion trends developing right before of your own eyes.

You will also notice a Disney land in Paris. This can be an incredible place to go to. Albeit you’re not move with the kids, you’d enjoy each second spent at the Disney land and also the 3 parks attached to it.

Every tourist likes to visit the shopping area of the town and always buys one thing to stay memory. Sometime, the visitors shopping only for the fun. However while you’re in Paris, you’ll shopping as a result of you will not be ready to resist it simply. Elegant malls are nothing new to Paris. The newest trends return and get in Paris and this makes the shopping even a lot of fun here.


You Will Adore with Paris

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) is the top attraction of Paris in France. More than 6 million people visit this famous attraction every year. It has become a symbol of Paris. Eiffel Tower pictures are found in postcards, travel guides, travel brochures, etc of Paris. Its popularity can be compared to renowned icons such as the Pyramids and the Statue of Liberty.


Two Eiffel Tower restaurants are also located here. They are the Altitude 95 on the first level and Jules Verne on the second level. Jules Verne Restaurant serves superb food and is considered as one of the best restaurants of Paris. Visitors have the privilege of enjoying spectacular views while taking their meals.

The Theatre Life

The French has a rich and intricate culture. Visit Paris to enjoy the film, music and theatre experience. A visit to the Palais garnier could be an unforgettable experience. It’s a beauty that hosts grand performances for opera, ballet and symphony.

The museum of French Cinema, the Cinematheque Francaise, serves well for movies. It contains one in all the world’s most prime film archives. Visit Paris to enjoy film and cinema souvenirs that transcend the French culture and include things from film producers worldwide. Music additionally dominates the life in Paris and there are festivals and street performances. The music performances more entertain and educate.

The City of Lights with Live Music Performance

Why Paris is called the “City of Light”?

Paris is called the “City of Light” as a result of it had been a place of enlightenment within the 18th century. Throughout this age of enlightenment, Paris became the center of education, philosophy and learning.

Another reason Paris is called the “City of Light” is as a result of it had been one in all the primary cities to begin using street lights during the nice Exhibition of 1889. Having street lights meant people might currently do activities once dark that they might not do before. The streets suddenly grew safer. People were no longer forced to remain in their houses all night and after they did go out, they became more productive.


The City of Lights with music

Paris is called town of Lights, and if you prefer art, fashion, food and therefore the alternative fine things in life, you may notice this town illuminating. Additionally to having a number of the world’s most elegant boulevards and exceptional museums, Paris is that the epicenter of France. It is the capital town and residential to more than two million people.

Several Paris sights are therefore famous that they constitute the “cannot miss” category. The first that involves mind is that the Eiffel Tower, one among the world’s most recognized icons. The tower is open from early morning to late night, however the lines throughout most of the day are hours long therefore you may wish to arrive early. The Louvre is another acclaimed attraction and homes a mammoth array of design. It’s in all probability best better-known for the Mona Lisa and Venus First State Milo however additionally options alternative works by engineer, and masterpieces by Rembrandt, designer, Reuben’s et al. This former palace additionally contains breathless medieval jewels also as Greco-roman, Egyptian and Islamic art collections.

Paris music is simply awesome. Music makes the world rotate, somebody once told me. Music is all over within the world, it’s all around our universe. It our life and those we cannot even imagine our life while not it. Music acts as a stress buster and it helps us to cool down and relax when daily of hard work. People from all ages, gender, caste, religion love music.

Music serves two functions. First off it relaxes our mind and relieves tension when a tough days work or the frustrations of life. Second it acts as a supply of enjoyment and diversion. It’s a better-known indisputable fact that music pleases our body and helps North American nation in staying match.

Paris very known as town of Lights

Street lighting aside, Paris’ name because the “City of Lights” is accredited to its position because the intellectual centre throughout the Age of Enlightenment. “La Ville-Lumiere” because it was then called, Paris was the birthplace of the Age of Enlightenment and it was famous as a centre of education and ideas throughout Europe.

Paris’ early adoption of street lighting in all probability additionally contributed to its “City of Lights” tag. Supported the interesting facts above, town continues to uphold its name because the town of Lights, from a power perspective.


Paris Music & Nightlife

Paris City

Paris not only shines for being “The town of Light”, except for being town of music, sound, dance, and revelry. Even the foremost intellectual would be charmed by Paris when sunset. Though less frantic than different world capitals like Berlin, Madrid or the big apple, Paris nightlife is known too. There you will find relaxed bar-cafes, the most trendy dance clubs, and mellow jazz clubs maybe you like to travel to a number of its worldwide famed Cabaret venues or to any of the pubs spread throughout town. And for all the gay individuals, there’s the pink Paris, mostly within the Marais neighborhood.

Paris versatility is nowhere a lot of visible than on an evening out. If you start the night having a cocktail at Place Vendome, and you end it up with a beer in Belleville, you will want you have got been into completely different countries. Paris nightlife offers no matter you would like.


Nightlife of Paris

So you are a clubber. You like the nightlife. Thus here are most interesting things to try to for night clubbers visiting Paris, together with the highest tourist attractions that ought to be of particular interest to you.

The tower – The tower wants very little introduction. You ought to visit it thus you have got a photo of you with the tower within the background, it’s going to be a good reminder of your Paris nightlife trip. If you do not prefer to go up to one of the observation levels, you’ll be able to additionally prefer to move to Place de Trocadero that presents a number of the simplest tower photo opportunities.

Visit a VIP club – Paris is home to a number of the foremost exclusive nightclubs within the world. While an evening out may be quite pricey, it can also be rewarding. The nightclubs on the

Champs-Elysées can be the foremost difficult to induce into. thus if you do not consider yourself a veteran of obtaining past the velvet rope, the simplest strategy is to travel to a pleasant trendy cocktail bar, visit the trendy individuals there and raise them where is that the best place for YOU to travel tonight. They’ll get the message and tell you wherever the entry is best or maybe invite you to come back alongside them. Key destinations include: Queen, l’Etoile, Le Cab, VIP Lounge, Sens, Le Baron.


Nightlife & Music

Theatre / Opera / Jazz Club – select in line with the amount of your time you have got and your particular predilections. However nightly of the week there’s one thing to try to in Paris. You will find a number of the foremost magnificent Opera and theatre within the world. If you visit the theatre, you will need to be fairly fluent in French to follow, however even though you are not, visiting a venue just like the Theater des Champs-Elysées may be an event. Once visiting the Opera, Opera designer is that the obvious choice. With its Baroque design and capacity of over 2000 individuals, it offers nightly performances of opera and ballet. For either, you’ll want to dress to the nines. Paris also has a first jazz providing, scrutinize the New Morning or the new Brass for high international headliners.

Music Drama at the Paris Odeon


‘The city of lights’, ‘the city of Romance’, ‘the culinary capital of the world’, all these are just names Paris, France is known by. Over seven million people visit each year. Paris, France is one of the most amazing places you will ever visit. There are so many phenomenal things to see and do you’ll never get bored.

You Will Just Love Paris

Paris has world famous attractions and may be a town full of life and beauty. Its curvy streets are animated and it’s an attraction to travelers thanks to its position on the world stage. It attracts over 42 million tourists and first-rate the foremost visited cities. The attraction goes on the far side its attractive streets to include land marks like the Eiffel Tower and therefore the world-renowned wines.

Why not begin the tour of Paris with art?

Paris has created world-acclaimed art for centuries. Its most celebrated museum is that the Musee de Louvre that receives countless guests year once year. This repository hosts a number of the world’s prestigious and original art similar to dam Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

There is additionally fashionable art at the Pompidou Centre. This centre is an architectural marvel located at the center of Paris and largely holds European art. There’s a lot of for art lovers at the Musee d’Orsay that includes a collection of French work. to say some, it’s the work of claude monet and Auguste renoir.


The Theatre Life

The French includes a wealthy and complicated culture. Travel Paris to enjoy the film, music and theatre expertise. A visit to the Palais garnier may be a memorable expertise. It’s a beauty that hosts grand performances for opera, ballet and symphony.

The museum of French Cinema, the Cinematheque Francaise, serves well for movies. It contains one in all the world’s most prime film archives. Travel Paris to enjoy film and cinema souvenirs that transcend the French culture and embody things from film producers worldwide. Music additionally dominates the life in Paris and there are festivals and street performances. The music performances additional entertain and educate.

If something, it’s best to explain Paris as a town designed for living. You’ll search, dine or relish your day in its beautiful parks and gardens. You’ll additionally realize places with peace and tranquility. It’s easy to access distant location through the train and therefore the splendid river Seine divides town within the middle.

Music Drama Paris Odeon

Parisian theatrical, artistic, social, and political life comes alive in Mark Everist’s impressive institutional history of the Paris Odéon, an opera house that flourished throughout the Bourbon Restoration. Everist traces the complete arc of the Odeon’s short however extremely sure-fire life from ascent to triumph, decline, and closure. He outlines the role it played in expanding operatic repertoire and in changing the face of musical life in Paris.

Everist reconstructs the political power structures that controlled the globe of Parisian music drama, the internal administration of the theater, and its relationship with composers and librettists, and with town of Paris itself. His made depiction of French cultural life and therefore the artistic contexts that allowed the Odeon to flourish highlights the advantage of close and innovative examination of society’s institutions.


All That Jazz, In Paris- Music History

Paris is that the world’s most popular tourist destination, attracting some thirty million visitors each year. Yet with so many fantastic cultural offerings – like the city’s countless museums and galleries – to prominent fashion, music and performance art scenes, there is one thing for everybody in Paris.

Paris- Jazz Music History

There were insightful fans that saw the future of French music in jazz and began the quest of elevating this so-called American ‘pop’ music to an art form. Two jazz lovers, Hughes Panassié and Charles Delauney, formed the groundbreaking Jazz Hot Club to promote the acceptance of jazz in France and abroad.


Paris Jazz

The romance of jazz in Paris still resonates. Take a walk up rue Mouffetard or the small the insufficient knot of streets around St Germain and you retain bumping into tiny fragments of it. The post card photos of Miles and Charlie parker evoke that postwar amount wherever the left bank Paris of Sartre, cafés and long cigarettes jumped removed from reality into story.

Fifty years on, if additional by chance than style, the main focus of jazz in Paris has moved from the left bank to the right and particularly one or two of clubs on a street close to central Châtelet: the Sunset-Sun side, the Baiser Salé, and the Duc des Lombard’s, that reopened in February once seven months of renovation.

All That Jazz, In Paris

There are some excellent jazz clubs in Paris as well as one, the Balle au Bond. This nice venue is endured a boat that is moored on the stream Seine and there are others like le Bilboquet that are going since 1947, therefore it’s actually a longtime jazz club steeped in tradition and that is frequented by several lovers of jazz in its purest kind. They are available from everywhere the world to induce involved with the nice ambiance that is therefore typical of Paris.

A great manner of absorbing the jazz scene that Paris has got to provide is to travel online and resolve what musicians are enjoying at the clubs then book a jazz weekend during this spirited town. If you check out hotels in Paris you may notice lots of nice price deals. You’ll be able to notice nice low cost hotels and use these as your base for a superb weekend. Within the evenings you may be treated to some of the most effective jazz music to be found on this planet and by day you’ll be able to visit the fantastic sights that Paris has got to provide you with. To not mention the nice food and finest wines you may get to sample during your keep here.

For as long as jazz has been around Paris has been at the heart of this musical entertainment and music lovers simply cannot get enough of it. Booking a hotel in Paris is really easy these days and finding a decent one to stay at for your jazz weekend could be a certainty that only takes many clicks of a button on your keyboard. You’ll be able to sit back within the comfort of your own home and plan your keep during this musically cultural city.

Discovering French Music in Paris

maxresdefaultFrench language students are continuously inspired to listen to French radio stations via the internet, but apart from the stations that are largely chat, I feel you may also hear radio one as chériefm, for example. However, aside from the negatives of British radio not playing much foreign language music, as least there are stations on the internet wherever you’ll be able to hear French music, or any other language I dare say. I also hope that these stations keep being found and listened to by English speakers as there is most French music out there and stations like the said chériefm even have many different genres and decades of music to decide on from; therefore if you’re keen on indie music or music from the ’70s, there is a station solely dedicated to enjoying those kinds of songs.

Music in France – the origin and Influence

Music in France has very fascinating history. It has even been influenced by aboriginal music and sounds as well! Sounds weird, right? France has always been sensible at accepting intellectuals and culturally made tribes and folks from all over the planet. Over the years, this has formed the terribly basic structure of French music. In case, one is really into world music, they will realize some resemblance from Latin America, Asia and even African sounds in French music! That is truly a fashionable and numerous type of French Music.

Modern day France though has slightly shifted from the people and classical versions of a similar and has brought some pop and hip-hop French vogue beats into the culture. Yet, the real music of France resides in the classical and folk music.

French Classical and Folk Music

Purists attribute the beginning of French musical genre from the sacred tunes of the Roman catholic church. History has it that the world famous French opera was initial known as musical genre within the year 1646 – performed in Carpentras. That was also the starting of the French Opera! the nice French musicians were also adept at composing ballads and songs of affection that has this ‘classical’ touch in them. Though they experimented with the classical fusion music by adding some ingredients of the folks music, purists preferred to keep with the first classical kind that eventually became fashionable throughout the world!

The 19th century in France is publicised as the romantic era in the history of French music as a result of the lot of passionate and romantic films released in this period. In the latter half of the 20th century, some outstanding foreign composers had a major impact on France’s romantic era which transformed the classical romantic era of music in France like no other.

French Music Festival

The performances are free of charge, royalties are suspended for the day and the event overall is widely supported by the media with French television also featuring some of the major performing artists as well as covering the smaller events. If you want to know what’s happening on the 21st in the major towns of France there is a French language website which lists what’s on where: and you can also source information via local French tourist offices. Its important not to expect too much as these are not major professional acts, they are generally people who might not normally get an opportunity to break into a business which is so tightly in the grip of the music industry movers and shakers. There are acts which perform who are well known in France such as Tokio Hotel and Joachim Garraud who played 2007, just don’t expect Oasis or Duffy to turn up.

Music Publishing Divisions and How Techno Rap Music Artists Should Market Themselves

rap_more_than_words_xlargeA while ago artists required to lb the sidewalk with images and routines in side conference with various music businesses. If they were effective, the specialists would indication a record agreement and get the marketing help of the record brand to discover and develop viewers. Individual performers have always done factors in a different way. Especially rap performers who have selected to make their songs away from conventional indicate. Nowadays, thanks to the World Wide Web, independent performers have an upright link to their viewers. Artists still have to generate their songs, but computer systems have levelled the stage there as well.

Rap Music – The New Frontier?

During earlier to mid ’70s, visionaries like Kool DJ Herc presented new concepts to the way a song was performed. Like some other music-loving ‘bredren and sistren’ along with myself, Kool DJ Herc was developed in Kingston, Barbados. Following the actions of Jamaicans that came before him, he moved to the Bronx, NYC and took primary. With an audio program like no other, there was always a celebration when Herc’s exclusive information. People from all town boroughs revealed up, and introduced their buddies. Most of them had never knowledgeable anything like Herc’s magic in the groups or at ‘block events,’ where he was a neighbourhood preferred. There’ll be more on these exclusive, public events a little later. Kool DJ Herc was one of those kitties that was considering outside the box for some time period, and motivated other DJs to adhere to. Everywhere Herc’s moved down, he made original indicate produced in the thoughts, systems, and spirits of songs fans in and around the area.

Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

Rap songs is most definitely an integral section of the overall hip hop lifestyle, which started on the new England in the 70’s and 80’s, and as happens with most styles of songs in United states record it started with the reduced to centre earnings people. In the situation this activity mostly amongst the Africa People in America and Latina People in America in the bigger locations like New You are able to and Las Vegas. These people are also intensely engaged in the progress of labelling and crack dance, two other primary concentrates of this lifestyle.

Independent Rap Music is highly affected by hip hop, this is a reality. You can almost say that they are the same category of songs. Rap is all about your distribution, defeat choice, and capability to make unforgettable lines. There is usually very little tune, with more of a concentrate on your rhyme styles and pedal rotation.

Find 100 % free Rap Music

Finding free rap songs online can be quite a stress if you don’t know the locations to look! Search engines can be a bit of a labyrinth at periods and it’s difficult to split up the rice from the chaff, if you know what I mean. So I believed I would discuss some of my results over recent several weeks. This is a record I have put together of all the best websites for mixtapes, collections and single men and women that are available for obtain free.

Paris Blues

When B.B. King said, “The blues are all around,” he must have been thinking of Paris. Every “world city” has its own “house of blues.” Here in Vancouver we have The Yale building, but in national capital it’s the massive simple, The Muddy Waters Blues Bar in Oslo, and The R&B Lounge in Mumbai. Some cities, such as Paris, are blessed with competitor cathedrals.

I’m a musician. Lately I’ve been enjoying lots in Europe: the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, and Norway. When travelling abroad, it is my habit to search out the local blues scene. I find it a nice way to explore the city and meet real people. I call it “blues tourism.” Paris-London? Don’t fly. Take the train. Eurostar First class – it is the “only” way to go. Long John Baldry.

Lights of Paris – for me, the lights of the Eiffel Tower at night are breathtaking. Seen very near and afar (from the Trocadero) it is an awesome, spectacular sight that warms the heart. Wait until the lights start to blink and twinkle, and it’s even more beautiful. No wonder there are many souvenir shirts that have the Eiffel Tower as designs, key chains, souvenir spoons, scarves, etc. It is only when you have seen the lights that you will understand this fascination for the Eiffel. There’s nothing like the real thing, in the City of Lights.

Original and reproductions – One of the simplest things about visiting a museum in Paris is seeing a creative painting, and buying a replica of it at the memento look. For instance, at the Marmottan Museum, I finally saw the original painting of Claude Monet’s Impression Sunrise. I first saw a replica of this painting in the Getty’s repository in LA, USA but it did not create any impression on Pine Tree State then. Later on, having purchased an art book of Claude Monet, I discovered that it is best to catch the sunshine reflected on the painting. From a distance, the silvery waters of the painting glowed and gave the impression of moving. What brilliance! You can imagine my happiness at seeing the original painting and at last getting a replica for four euros. Nothing online will compare with seeing the original painting.

Monochromatic Paris – At the time I visited Paris in spring 2007, black was the colour of the season. At boutiques, mannequins were dressed in classic black dresses, and for those legs, the mannequins sported designer fishnet black stockings. For a spring-inspired look, though, there were navy blue striped shirts. At the Solaris store at Champs-Elysees, the retro look among black sunglasses was in vogue – big, chunky, with designer labels at the side. Parisians and chic tourists wore their skirts with black boots that reached their knees while a favourite among locals was the ballet-style black-colours shoes. When it comes to day dressing, Parisians prefer plain, neutral colours like black, brown or white as opposed to printed designs. A beret is not a common sight but the scarf, pashmina or trench or leather coat is.

fileSounds of Paris – If you would prefer to hear some classic accordion music, head for the Notre Dame across the Seine River. At the bridge, you might discover an accordion creative person enjoying classical French songs. Another good place is at the metro (where you will hear varied artists) or at the steps around Sacre Coeur in Montmarte. It is also fascinating to notice that announcements at the train stations (Gare) ar preceded by a brief musical sound, before the “Madame et Monsieur,” spiel. Finally, I like the “musical” sound of the police siren or ambulance that you will usually hear within the town.

Paris is Jazz

Paris is a city steeped in jazz history. This history is celebrated every year at the Paris Jazz festival, which takes place every year in the Parc Floral de Paris between June and July. This festival invites crowd pulling jazz legends but also endeavours to showcase new talent from emerging talents of the international scene. Concerts take place in the afternoons every weekend and are the perfect way to experience an authentic Parisian summer atmosphere. With numerous affordable modes of transport and competitively priced Paris apartments on offer, this is the perfect time of year for your romantic city break.

Jazz clubs in Paris

There are some superb jazz clubs in Paris including one, the Balle au Bond. This great venue is held on a boat which is moored on the river Seine and there are others like Le Bilboquet that have been going since 1947, so it is truly an established jazz club steeped in tradition and which is frequented by many lovers of jazz in its purest form. They come from all over the globe to get involved with the great ambiance which is so typical of Music in Paris.

Jazz Scene

61400_jazzA great way of soaking up the jazz scene that Paris has to offer is to go online and find out what musicians are playing at the clubs and then book a jazz weekend in this vibrant city. If you check out hotels in Paris you will find lots of great value deals. You can find nice cheap hotels and use these as your base for a fabulous weekend. In the evenings you will be treated to some of the best jazz music to be found on this planet and by day you can visit the wonderful sights that Paris has to offer you. Not to mention the great food and finest wines you will get to sample during your stay here.

French Music in Paris

We are en route by car to Paris from Giverny when our French driver/guide Patrick plays the songs of Edith Piaf, legendary chanteuse of France, from her latest album, Eternelle. “My favorite song is Je ne regrette rien,” says Patrick, “which means I regret nothing.”I nod my head in comprehension. My favorite is La Vie en Rose, or The Life in Pink.”The good and the bad, I regret nothing,” continues Patrick. “That’s what Edith Piaf said at the end of her life.”

Patrick is referring to the latest movie, La Mome (or La Vie en Rose to the English-speaking world), which is based on the life of Edith Piaf that is showing in Paris on this merry month of May. Though he isn’t keen at first, in the end, Patrick is deeply moved and teary-eyed. I should watch the movie, he says, and buy the album.

For expert jazz aficionados or novices alike, Paris offers the perfect getaway to explore this musical culture and take in some of the most ambient spots that the city has to offer on the way.

Rap Music – Are you in it For the Money or Power?

rapRap and hip-hop have a rich history in American culture. Rap music began setting its roots into society in the late 70’s and early 80’s. If you look closely at the history of rap music, you’ll see that it began its origins and became uniquely popular in well known Latino and African American street cultures in and around the New York City area.

Rap began when New York City DJ’s started using rhythmic drum beats and percussion riffs to stir up and mix into popular disco and funk songs that were mainly played in nightclub settings. During this time, people realized the power these DJ’s had at attracting large crowds to their unique and wonderfully rhythmic Independent Rap Music. The rise of the disc jockey closely parallels rap because rap, at the time, was created through the use of DJ equipment. New rap music can incorporate many other forms of instrumental music and is now primarily focused on fast paced vocals.

Rap Music – Expression of Power

The power of rap music has changed corporate sponsorships. Businesses that once steered clear of rap now have no problem pouring millions of advertising dollars into the pockets of rappers who promote clothes, shoes or other merchandise. I sure you have seen commercial jingles with a G Funk beat. Rap is so integrated into society that even those who do not listen to rap music can perform most of the top songs. Hundreds of movies, serious or not, have rap music as part of the storyline. People used to think or hoped that rap was just a fad. It has instead become a big part of American culture.

Rap music has created lots of financial opportunities for street smart individuals. It has also created many young millionaires. Rap has also provided an opportunity for some to blame rap for society’s problems.

Rap Music – Finding and Building Fans

A lot of rappers have Facebook and MySpace pages. Facebook has grown to become the largest social networking site. Also, those who have produced rap music videos might also upload them to Vimeo and YouTube. Vimeo may not be as large as YouTube, but indie artists should take advantage of every outlet for their music. Many independent rappers also use Twitter as one part of their promotional plan. Typically, the web site helps with the marketing that brings fans who wish to purchase the indie rapper’s song recordings. True indie music lovers are the fuel that sustains these kinds of websites. Fans now can play rap music and rap videos by their favorite independent rappers, as well as discover new musicians.

HipHopology of Rap Music

When the classic “Planet Rock” hit Billboard’s charts (it hit the year 1982 in a BIG way too), the song considerably changed music history. It used a similar robotic, vocoder-like sound as the one found in Kraftwerk’s smash “Trans-Europe Express.” “Planet Rock” was a smorgasbord of cool electronic sounds and Hip-Hop beats. Meshed together with samples from other records, it captured the attention of music lovers caught dancing to the non-stop, funky sensation of this incredible new beat. Afrika Bambaataa’s Electro-Funk style went on to influence the sound of music styles like Dance, Electronic, House, and Techno.